Trauma Healing & Coaching

I'm Sheetal Mistry. I help to heal trauma & dissolve anxiety and depression the holistic way, so you can start living freely in the present.

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If you have found yourself here, you may have a desire to be free from the past and want to live life to its fullest in the present moment.  You’re tired of battling the overwhelming emotions related to past trauma, as if it’s happening all over again. If this resonates with your inner self, I invite you to book a complimentary call with me. 

Are you tired of feeling:

  • Anxious or depressed?
  • Trapped in a long dark tunnel?
  • Disconnected from self & world around you.
  • Lost, confused, emptiness?
  • “Why am I like this?”
  • Shame, guilt, or unworthiness that leads to negative self-talk
  • Finding yourself repeating negative patterns

If you’re feeling any of the above or more, then I’d love to help. Book a complimentary call & let us uncover why these things are happening to you.

Have you tried everything but still experience flashbacks of past trauma and the emotions attached? The psychological approach doesn’t always work because they use the Top Down approach to understand issues logically. This fails to get to the absolute core of the issues which reside in the body and subconscious mind.   When you think of a flash back, where do first notice it arising? Your heart rate starts to possibly rise, your stomach starts to somersault , you start to experience fight, flight or even freeze mode – thats all in the body.

How I work?

Are you ready to get to the bottom of what’s really going on? If you want to solve life problems at the root level so that you can be free from the past, then I invite you to work with me.

With the way I work, we start to heal trauma through the Bottom-Up approach, i.e. feeling what emotions come up in the body and then removing them with the help of your subconscious mind in order to heal.

By using other additional methods, I can help to heal and guide you on your healing journey so that you can start to experience relief, clarity and peace as well as plenty of ‘Aha’ moments from day one. You will gain a deeper understanding of self. By the end of the healing package, you will walk away with a higher sense of self-esteem, self-worth and love for yourself to live the life you dream of.

So what’s the next step?

The next step is to book a complimentary session with me so we can take a full assessment and see what is required. In the session, we can discuss why you are feeling the way you are, assess your energy body, and conduct muscle testing to see what beliefs are holding you back. You will walk away with what’s going on in your energy body and subconscious mind and body.

At the end of the session, we can discuss the process and costs.

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Working with Sheetal has been incredible. I have been having regular healing sessions with her and am now experiencing profound inner shifts. Having been diagnosed with complex PTSD from sustained trauma, I have tried many modalities in my healing journey, Sheetal’s understanding of trauma, her gentleness, listening heart and the safe environment she created for us to work in have opened up the door to a deeper healing for myself.

The modalities she utilises of Root Cause Therapy, Somatic and Quantum Energy Healing are incredible healing therapies which have helped alleviate deep, old and hidden wounds, moving the energy of pain out for more space for love and peace to enter.

I look forward to continuing with more with sessions to support my healing journey.

Shay Liza

Sheetal has helped me overcome barriers I have struggled with all my life. Finally, feel like I can move forward in life.

Hanneke Sweeney Henneke Sweeney.

I had a few past healing sessions with Sheetal. She conducted the whole process very smoothly, she made me feel relaxed and safe during the session. I really enjoyed the induction , her calming voice really helped me to go into deeply relaxed state to unable me to connect with my unconscious mind. During the few sessions I had with Sheetal, she helped me to clear some of my deeply rooted, limiting beliefs. She is a warm and very spiritual person with solid knowledge and healing skills. I can highly recommend Sheetal to everyone who is seeking personal healing.

Eliza Nebelska

I decided to just have the Root Cause therapy sessions as I had already had done numerous self healing but felt like there was something missing to take me on the next level of inner work and spiritual growth. Sheetal addressed the unconscious mind directly through the sessions. All the sessions were truly valuable & were eye opening experiences.

Shalini Nestor Shalini Nestor.

Sheetal facilitated some trauma release work that was ready to be released with the right practitioner. Her manner, guidance and support was gentle and strong at the same time!

Janine Walker